c00kies@venice is a team of people interested in whatever floats around information security, hosted by the Department of Environmental Sciences, Informatics and Statistics at Ca’ Foscari University (Venice, Italy) and a division of secgroup. We like to get hands-on in all kinds of security issues and participate in international hacking competitions.

Latest entries

16 Jun 2017 FAUST CTF 2017 Write-Up: Tempsense


Tempsense is a Python service running on port 65533, it manages temperature sensors of different rooms.

Welcome to the Temperature Sensor Station! What would you like to do?
[1] Register
[2] Query room
[3] Submit temperature
[4] Help

29 May 2017 FAUST CTF 2017 Write-Up: Alexa

There’s no way to live in the Internet of Sh…Things without a personal intelligent assistant! Unlike the real one, this version of Alexa is a Django based web app that allows to upload small audio files and provides responses without performing any speech to text processing.

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